Thomas Schrunk
Artist in Lustrous Materials
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Woods , Brushed Metals

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Lustrous Concrete, Flooring

The Play of Light on Surfaces

Thomas Schrunk's work is characterized by the changing luster from the surface of the materials used. The areas of relative bright and dark change as the viewer walks (or drives) by, or with a change in the angle of the light source. His pieces are found in the collections of princes and presidents, Steinway Art Case pianos, celebraties, charitable organizations and fine residences on three continents. He works in a variety of media, teaches, writes in trade publications, has several patents and patents pending, and is the inventor of "lustrous concrete", a method of creating light-responsive (lustrous) imagery on opaque materials.

Photography will give a basic impression of the size, shape, and color of the work, but with lustrous materials it gives only a single viewpoint. The actual light response from the surface changes with a change with a change in position of the viewer, or a change in the angle of the light source. Single photographs of lustrous materials are really akin to a still from a movie. Several video clips are on the site to give a better understanding of the effect.

Just Awarded, two patents for "Lustrous Concrete"!

Current Projects, American Flag, Marquetry panel for St. Paul IBEW 110, "Tiger" stand up paddleboat deck, weave pattern door prototype, Roman mosaic-inspired radial table

About the Artist, what is said and published

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MN Original

"Europa III" featured on Steinway & Sons website

Luster Comparison

"The upper lid surface of "Europa" may be the most complex work of bookmatched burl work done in this country, or elsewhere."
See "Steinway Art Case Pianos" in the "Woods" section.

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