Ryan Companies Conference Table


This conference table, made for the Ryan Companies, USA, is done in red oak veneers to match other woodwork in the room. It measures 4' wide x 10' long in a boat shape, and features an internal connection running from one end of the table to the other, playing off the curving external shape while the outer portions of the field address the participants seated at the table. The outer solid edge is of matching red oak. The Ryan Companies logo is inlaid into each end using the same veneer, but with the grain rotated 90 degrees from the background flow giving it a luster contrast with the background.

In this photograph, light came from the flash in the camera giving a bright logo against a darker background. If the light source had been from the side, the Ryan Companies logo would have been dark against a bright field.

Completed in 1998, and located in the Ryan Companies headquarters in downtown Minneapolis.