Lustrous Concrete

I am pleased to announce that I have been granted a patent for "Lustrous Concrete"

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Sears Centre Stadium (L), Gander Mountain Stores (R)

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Charles Stinson Architects Panels (L), Sample Diamond Panel (R)

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NessTech Lustrous Concete Block (L), Nasvik INFINATILE (C) Molds and Samples, (R)
It is now possible to put lustrous imagery on concrete. Using special molds, a light-responsive surface is cast onto the surface (no special mixes needed) which becomes differentially light and dark, with the various parts undergoing individual continuous brightness change as the viewer moves past, much like fabric, woods, or brushed metals. The same area brightness change happens with the movement of the light source.

Lustrous concrete was given the "Most Innovative New Product" award at the Minnesota AIA convention when it was introduced, and the first major building it was used on, the Sears Centre Stadium in Chicago was given an "Honorable Mention" in the "Best Decorative Concrete of 2006", an international competition sponsored by
Concrete Construction Magazine.

US and international patents pending