American Flag 400 pxlRed Flag 400 pxl

"After JJ", 49" x 26", 2013, in Red, Silver & Blue Engraver's Aluminum "Red Flag", 49" x 26", 2014, Red Engraver's Aluminum

Silver Flag 400 pxlBlue Flag 400 pxl

"Silver Flag", 49" x 26", 2014, Silver Engraver's Aluminum Sold , "Blue Flag", 49" x 26", 2014, Blue Engraver's Aluminum

This series of American Flags is inspired by the paintings of Jasper Johns, but done in lustrous brushed, polished, and anodized aluminum.
The solid colored flags are reflective of our society's increasing partisanship, where we may be able to perceive events
only as they are viewed through preconceived values. The red and blue flags are representative of our
two main political parties. The silver flag, not showing color itself, reflects the changing colors
of its environment, an ideal this artist espouses.
"Judge all things by the same measure."