Wall Panels

bluedolphin copy

Blue Dolphin, Brushed and Polished Blue Dyed Aluminum, 48" x 16", 2003

The side and bottom front fin protrude from the surface. There are also sister fish, "Red Tuna", and "Copper Permit", and "Goldfisch", same length.


Study in Blue, Green, & Brass, Dyed Brushed Aluminum & Brass, 38" x 23", 2003

The three colors move in different directions as the viewer moves past; right, left, diagonally. When the sun changes location the display from the various component parts of the spectrum change location; it's never the same. Impossible to photograph as well, like all this type of brushed metal work.


Study in Copper & Silver, Silver & Copper-toned Aluminum, 60" x 16", 2003

Actually a bilaterally symmetrical design, off-center lighting gives remarkably differing brightness patterns.


"Gold Scarab", Brass & Blue-dyed Brushed Aluminum, 36" x 48", 2004

Again, a symmetrical layout giving assymetrical brightness through off-center lighting. The legs are articulated, they move in opposing tri-podal groups, connected to each other by a thin stainless steel cable, pulleys, and springs on the backside.


Triangle in Red, Blue, & Silver, Red and Blue-dyed & Natural Brushed Aluminum, 35" x 35", 2002

Video clip, "Sunrise in Red, Blue, & Violet", 48" x 38"