Red Cross

redcrosswall copy

Minneapolis Red Cross Donor Wall, 16' x 7', 2000

This piece contains 2,050 engraved aluminum nameplates (alphabetized ! ) arranged into 411 Red Cross logos. The Greek Cross, the basis of the Red Cross logo, nests together in multiples in vertically ascending diagonal rows, each cross consisting of five engraved nameplates. The wall is in the hallway of their building opposite a south-facing window wall. A difference in the angle of the brushing of the aluminum surface accounts for the difference in brightness from one logo group to the next. Each group is surrounded by groups of differing angles, causing each group to stand out from its neighbors. There are eighteen ten-degree angle increments used to track the movement of the sun, and when the viewer walks past, 2,050 plates change brightness simultaneously.
You have to see it to believe it. Located at 1201 West River Parkway, Minneapolis, MN

redcrosslogo copy

Murtaugh Red Cross Logo Panel, Brushed & Red Anodized Aluminum, 24" x 36", 1999

A friend was working for the Minneapolis Red Cross while they were in transition to their new building, and he mentioned that the interim facility didn't have much artwork, so I made this for him. It features a 1" thick dimension Red Cross logo overlaying a multiplicity of nesting Red Cross logos. This photo give an idea of its appearance, but it's really more like a still from a movie...