Europa II

1europalid copy

While helping with a history/archaeology class for college students in Rome in January, 2008, I received a request from Steinway to do another iteration of "Europa". Because the veneers even from the same species vary considerably from one tree to the next, "Europa II" would share overall look, but have considerably different individual faces than the original. Above is shown the completed upper face for the lid of "Europa II", placed upside down in its shipping crate. While the tones are quite subdued due to the veneers being raw, not varnished, the final colors are still fugitive. The design, however is relatively easy to read along the darkened booking lines.

1europaIIcrew copy

I asked two gifted and experienced members of the Minnesota Woodworker's Guild to work with me on "Europa II". Left is Will Fifer, owner and director of Blue Sky Galleries where the veneer work was done, I'm in the center, and on the right is Mark Laub, owner of The Boardroom woodworking.
The veneer on the table in the foreground is the Carpathian Elm Burl center panel of the "Europa II" lid (top photo). The upper surface shows white paper veneer tape at the booking joints, and blue tape where special attention was needed on the individual pieces.

It was marvelous to work on a project of this complexity and significance with these skilled craftsmen.