Three Dimensional Aluminum

1goldensection copy

"Golden Section", Brushed & Polished Aluminum & Brass, 60" x 12" x 8", 2002

This piece features a meander of polished squares over its surface while the brushed squares receive and redirect light in a completely different regimen. The central brass section can seem to have its own light source as light bounces off and is reflected by its opposing surfaces.

octagonalbase copy

Octagonal Occasional Table, Brushed Aluminum, 18" x 18" x 16", 2004

The various sides respond to light differently from their adjacent panels due to the changed angle. The top always has two predominantly bright sections opposite each other which change depending on viewer or light source position.


Stainless Steel Obelisk 15" square base, 60" high

This is polished rather than brushed. It was done for a master gardener for her garden.