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"Reflections", Steinway & Sons Art Case Piano, Model B, 2000

This design uses "Flow Pattern" parquetry to produce "Rhythm" and "Variations on a Theme" in a wood veneer idiom. The
sweeping and recurving grain meets from the treble side and base side directly over the rear leg in a "fountain" pattern, similiar
to what is seen in the legs, above. This same pattern was used in a different iteration for the fallboard (directly behind the
keyboard), and changed again for the music desk to give an image of an open manuscript. The underside of the lid, though not readily
visible in this photograph, has grain which seems to flow up and out of the interior, emulating the music generated. The upper
side of the lid, when closed, has what appears to be a counterclockwise flow of grain beginning on the treble side of the
instrument. When the lid is opened and the flap folded over, the grain now appears to have a clockwise flow originating
from the bass side.
Steinway describes it as "inspired design".