Molds & Samples

The left panel is the mold master for a "Chevron" motif. The chevron image either moves up or down, depending on which direction the viewer moves past. The "Cross" panels display two different approaches to the same image. The left panel is of a bright Cross, with light in the field behind it either condensing toward it or radiating away from it (depending on the direction of viewer movement). The right panel has an assymetrical light treatment both in the field and in the Cross. At all times some parts of both the field and the Cross are fully bright, and some parts at the darkest presentation. As one moves past, the light moves through both the Cross and the field, but on opposite brightness levels. From any one angle, the image of the Cross is never fully lit, but this is designed for a number of identical panels, side by side. The multiplicity of viewing angles informs viewers of the total image.
1opposite1Two White Samples from right
The left panel is titled, "Opposing Lights". As one moves past, half the image moves right, half moves left. The photo on the right shows a "Weave" pattern on the left and a "Multiple Diamonds" image on the right. the "Weave" is essentially a magnified version of textile. If panels such as this are used to clothe a building, it could "look like it was made from silk from 1000 feet". The "Multiple Diamonds" panel uses a symmetrical light movement pattern with the brightness of the horizontal edges to be identical, (as well as the vertical edges). This makes possible a continuous wall of visually connecting castings with a continuum of brightness change caused by the differing viewing angle to the individual panels.


The logo panel on the left (QLogic) has the logo always at opposite brightness to the field it overlays, with changing brightness throughout the day. The right panel, "Double X" is designed to be used in multiples either as a vertical stack (think checkerboard) or as a running bond (think bricklayer's joint).