Lustrous Concrete Blocks

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This photograph is of the test production of the world's first lustrous concrete blocks. The three patterns of 16" x 8" blocks are Diamond,
Double Curve, and Fan. They are seen both painted and natural.

These are standard 8 x 16 blocks, but a wide variety is possible. One exciting application is 8 x 8 blocks with differing surfaces which will make possible designs done in the same manner as the
Diamond Lozenge panel. The first application is at Spring Lake Park School, Spring Lake Park, Minnesota.

Spring Lake Park School reconstruction

400 pixel SLP panel from l400 Pixel SLP Panel from R

This panel is the first of four panels, 72" x 160" to be set into the south wall of the school, as it faces the football field. The design is an assymetric layout of lustrous concrete blocks, with an interior panel which stands just proud of the surrounding field.

This is the first panel completed, shot from the left, then the right, at around 10:30 AM. A photo taken at around 1:30 would see the light patterns reversed.

The 8" x 8" blocks made for this panel were produced using molds custom made for this purpose by Ness Tech Concrete Molds, Inc. See other examples on the
Lustrous Concrete Block page.
Molds for these are made by
NessTech who make custom molds for concrete blocks and pavers using their patented N-E-Face technology. This makes it possible to do custom blocks per the client's needs.

Imagine seeing a lustrous, shining wall from a distance and when you get close it's actually 8,000 iterations of the corporate logo.

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