Diamond Lozenge Panel


Five views of the 24" x 30" "Diamond Lozenge" panel cast in terracotta-colored concrete. The photographs were taken with the light source "over the shoulder"; greater contrast is found with a raking light.

Lustrous concrete finds its best use where the viewer will move past the panel(s) or in an outdoor setting. It achieves its greatest contrast when viewing at an narrow angle from the surface rather than straight on. Placement on a building at eye level or below (as in the above photos) will give less contrast than placement higher on a building. Excellent results are obtained at night, as in the
Sears Centre entry photograph. Note the increasing contrast of the higher portions of the panel(s) as compared to the lower.

It may be noted that the varying angles shown above also give an approximation of the change to be expected in a wall of continuous repeat panels.