Other Flooring


Santos Rosewood Entryway, with detail showing individual parquet prepackaged in sequence to simplify installation. The entry of the home is to the left, and the design uses an hourglass connection from the entry to the living room. Two side rooms each have grain flow addressing their entries. The detail clearly shows the square edge of these parquet, which are glued down, and to each other, with a waterproof polyurethane adhesive before normal sanding and finishing takes place.

1inlay1Steps and Landing

Left, the 36" circular medallion is of Mahogany with inlays of Maple for the Fleurs de Lis, Walnut for the branches, and Cherry leaves.
Commissioned by
Michal Crosby Interiors.

Right, the stairwell is in the artist's home, leading to the basement. Steps are of Red Oak with Walnut feature strips. The compass star square panels on the landing are walnut and maple on a red oak field. They measure 22.5" square, so they fit with both 1.5" and 2.5" tongue & groove flooring.


"Soft Landings" resiliant foam swimming pool decking