Restamayer Floor

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Restamayer Residence Floor, Brazilian Cherry, 12' x 30', 2003

The client asked for a flow of grain from the front door to the kitchen entry (out of sight at lower right), and then to "do something
interesting in the living room and dining room" (connected). The photo above is taken from the dining room, looking to the living
room, which has a counter-clockwise grain flow, seeming to be eminating from the light of both the front door and the living room windows.


The left photo is taken in the living room, looking toward the dining room. The dining room has a clockwise flow of grain which continues
to turn to the windows of the room. The detail photograph is near the front door, looking in the direction of the living room. These
photos were taken soon after installation, with the freshly sanded and varnished wood showing pale tones. After aging it has become a deep rich red.
Published in the 2003 "Floor of the Year" edition of
Hardwood Floors Magazine.