Bookmatched Burl

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Radial Tabletops (L), Carpathian Elm Burl Offset Occasional Table (c), Carpathian & Walnut Tabletop (R)
2occasionaltablethumb copy2chessthumb copy2jarrahburlthumb copy

Carpathian & Walnut Burl End Table (L), Walnut Burl Chess Table (C), Pelin & Jarrah Burl Sample (R)

Burl is the most difficult, and beautiful of veneers. It is also the most prized, finding its place in the finest residences through history.

By taking into account the sequence of the individual sheets of burl veneer and correcting the misaligned edge cuts which are a normal part of the manufacturing process, excellent bookmatching can be made.

By carefully preparing the veneer assembly before gluing to the core, it is possible to eliminate the dark "glue line" between individual parts.

Careful fitting on radial panels can result in a 20-piece face that has 20 points that touch each other. No need for a center "star" or other device to conceal mismatches.