Sears Centre Stadium

1searsentry copy1searselevator copy

The entry to the building (left) as well as the elevator tower (right) show the use of 8' x 8' panels designed for this project. The architects were seeking a pattern which would reflect the prairie setting of this structure. They asked for some changes in the design submitted, giving a curving nature to the individual wheat heads. The 8' x 8' panels were cast by a local contractor from molds supplied by us. Casting the panels locally saved considerable transportation costs.

Sears Arrow2searsarrow1

Two construction photos of the same part of the building. Note the lamp fixture (arrow) above the double doors in the left photo, and compare that to the photo on the right, taken immediately after from a different angle. Lustrous concrete is light-responsive, and angle of view can give a significantly different tone. These photos were taken in the morning; if the photos were taken in the afternoon the art panels in the photo on the left would appear dark and the right would be light.