8-Piece Carpathian Elm Burl & Walnut Burl Border Tabletop


Carpathian Elm and Black Walnut Burl Tabletop, 24" x 44"

The internal field is an eight-piece match of Carpathian Elm Burl separated from the Black Walnut Burl border by a filletti of black-dyed pearwood and curly Makore. This may be the first successful use of a bookmatched burl border. While bookmatching along the central axes is needed, a bookmatched border can succeed only if the mitres in the corners can be bookmatched as well. Of special note; the figure display at the center axes of the border are identical, yet the distance from the miter is different on the sides and the ends. This was made possible by creating the border with sixteen pieces rather than the expected eight pieces, with two pieces on the ends; six pieces on the sides. The sides are booked to give exact figure bookmatching at the mitres with two intermediate bookings to arrive at the same central axis match.
This panel has a solid Black Walnut edge.

Photo by Bob McNamara, Orbit Studios, Minneapolis